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  Webcodes are used to access the online resources associated with a Schola Publication
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  Webcodes are obtained when purchasing a hard copy of a Schola Publication
  Webcodes for a used book can be obtained by paying a percentage of the RRP
  Webcodes consist of a combination of 10 digits/letter e.g jJBW6FiQEh
  How to use a Webcode:-
Step 1 - Visit and register to open an account
Step 2 - Once you register you are offered the option to enter the webcode in your possession
Step 3 - You will then get access to the online resources associated with your Schola Publication
In case of any difficulty please contact customer support on 99966833
  Webcodes are not transferable
  By default, webcodes are valid for year from starting the day of registration
  Expired webcodes can be renewed upon application
The use of the resources is continuously monitored and action is taken in case of suspected abuse